Emese Szarka Dr.

VIG, candidate supervisor, president of the association

Password: development
Children: –
Colour: silver and purple
Movement form: pilgrim on foot
Flavour: sweet and tangy

University lecturer, education specialist, soft skill trainer, coach, certified hypnotherapist, OH and Cope card instructor

She has been using the Video Interaction Guidance method originated in the Netherlands since 2015. Her main activities within the association are: running the association, training trainers, leading introductory trainings, and providing supervision.

Her main focus is on VIG in kindergartens and schools, as well as assisting trainers, trainers and lecturers with VIG.

For some years she has been introducing students to the basics of Video Interaction Guidance in the course of the teacher training course for music mentors and teacher trainers at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music. For almost 15 years she has been teaching in higher education from infant care, teacher training to management training (ELTE PPK, AVKF, KRE, LFZE), teaching courses in didactics, communication, conflict management, applied leadership theory and mental health, and in non-profit organizations (e.g. Jobb Veled a Világ Foundation, Családbarát Ország Nonprofit Kht.) with curriculum development, positive pedagogical materials and programmes.