Areas of application

In our different roles, we often don’t know how to achieve our goals in a situation, how to be aware of what we are doing well, how to be empowered despite our insecurities, or how to become a partner in our work. VIG shows you what you are doing well, what is already working well in your work. Reflection helps you to understand that the elements that lead to a solution already exist in your own behavioral repertoire. In this way, you can become conscious and creative in applying your insights to your practice.

As a result of VIG, you will find solutions instead of problems. You become a model of yourself, and thanks to this method you can persevere in the long term without feeling like a victim of circumstances. Through VIG, synergy increases, conflicts can be resolved in a personalized way, your relationship skills improve, your self-image and self-esteem become clearer and your own resources become enhanced. Helplessness is gone. New ways of coping are discovered.

The unique strength of the method is that it provides adaptive help at the individual level, using a systemic approach, and is visible through film clips and images, which make the blocks and the direction of change concrete and tangible. It focuses on the real problem of the parties, seeking answers to their questions and not introducing solutions from outside. The method works with the parties and not for them. It respects the culture of the individuals.

It is an important tool for making things PICTUREable. It works with methods of activation, so it does not compensate or provide external solutions. Change can be detected immediately.

The power of images and visual scenes is enormous. This is why only highly qualified professionals, certified by The Videotraining Association – Hungary, should use this method.