VIG for Companies

VIG generates deep and lasting change in all areas of business – dealing regularly with people where it is important to have a balanced and honest relationship, to work effectively, to communicate clearly, for example between manager and employee, or between employee and co-worker. The method is suitable for organizational development, leadership development and teamwork […]

VIG in Hospital

Persistent lack of mother-to-child contact is a serious risk factor for premature babies. A special version of the VIG, the kangaroo method, is used in neonatal units to help develop and deepen the bond between mother and premature baby during a particularly sensitive period for mother-child bonding. The kangaroo method is used with the intensive […]

VIG in the social sector

Child protection The method can be successfully used to prevent family crises and the removal of children from families in at-risk families. It provides quick, intensive, easy-to-understand help for parents who are very insecure or barely able to fulfill their role as parents. Video training is also useful in strengthening family relationships, especially when a […]

Videotraining in early intervention

When a child is behind his or her age-appropriate level in one or more developmental areas, parenting him or her poses a special challenge for parents and professionals. VIG can help to develop routines, effective methods more quickly together.

Kindergarten or school VIG

In a school class or kindergarten group, for example, children, who are not well integrated because of learning, behavioral or other problems, can be strengthened by VIG, which helps to build a better, more understanding relationship between the teacher and the child. It is an uplifting experience to support the effective learning of ‘ordinary’ children […]

Family or Home VIG

Have you ever seen video footage of your family playing with your children, checking homework or having dinner? Have you been filmed in other situations? If so, you may have noticed how strange and enlightening it feels to watch yourself and those around you from the outside. When we are watching the film, we can […]