Léna Szilvási

VIG supervisor, founding member of the association

Motto: „Development from birth to death”
Children: Balázs (35)
Color: everything that is natural
Form of exercise: yoga
Flavors: coriander, Roman cumin

Economist, social worker; currently: Director of Quality Management at the SOS Children’s Village Foundation; VIG, VIG-supervisor.

She has worked in various fields of child protection since 1985: family services, as a foster care counselor abroad, taught at university, worked with homeless families, ran the Sure Start program for 3 years, currently responsible for the quality of professional work of the SOS foster care network, a residential home and their youth programs.

Her main motivation in all areas was to strengthen the parent-child relationship, to improve the broken communication between adults and children. Somehow, fate has always brought her together with families and children who were living in difficult circumstances. And it was from these families, foster parents, children and young people that she learned the most: namely that even in very difficult circumstances, they have a strong desire for progress, change, compassion, and respect.

He is a founding member of the The Videotraining Association – Hungary, which was established in 1998.