Éva Bartha

VIG supervisor

Password: values
Children: Máté (1998), Panna Sára (2001)
Colour: mauve
Physical activity: running
Taste: spicy

Psychologist: organisational psychologist, organisational developer; in individual care: schema therapy (individual, group, couple), brainspotting, Rogers person-centred counselling, video interaction guider.

Main activities within the association: training of trainers, conducting introductory training, providing supervision. Specializing mainly in family videotraining (VHT) and adult social care (professionals working with psychiatric patients, people with intellectual disabilities, people with dementia). Currently doing innovative development work in the area of communication of team functioning. She has taught courses with VIG elements in the areas of counseling, consultation and team functioning at ELTE – Family Counseling and in 2021-2022 at Pázmány Péter Catholic University for students of the professional examination. She has been working in adult education since 2000, conducting postgraduate training of professionals.

Currently she is a freelancer, working part-time in the Vocational Training Center of Szekszárd in Tamási town.  Her main field of activity: organizational development in the for and non-profit sector, and she also works in private care with VIG, mainly with families with young children.